Lindsay Ellingson | Erin Heatherton | Russell James | V2

Lindsay Ellingson | Russell James | V2

The Russell James V2 tribute to WOMAN continues, and we are blown away with the gorgeous, sensual images that grace the pages of V2. Perhaps unintentionally, Russell James expresses in images different levels of comfort about being photographed nude among the models.

James is pushing each model to her naturally erotic limits but in a mainstream comfort zone and also with images that are a tribute to her natural sensuality. In my eyes, V2 is becoming a tribute to female-centric values and not only the female body.

Of course it’s my tendency to read a lot of psychology into images, but I’ll go on record saying that if we had more men like Russell James on every continent, women’s lives would be vastly better in most countries. Anne

Erin Heatherton | Russell James | V2 | NSFW

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