Lara Stone by Mert & Marcus | Interview Magazine

Interview Magazine writes correctly that Lara Stone is easily the most in-demand model in the business right now. (Note: we’ve moved the saucy photos of Lara Stone to Sexy Futures.)

In the sea of slender, pubescentlooking models that currently predominate, she is a —singular creature: 26 years old; gap-toothed and wobbly on high heels; her silhouette, feminine and curvy and clearly accented by breasts; her eyes brimming with a kind of feral attitude and personality and sexuality.

I’ve written extensively about Lara, in the aftermath of the Ralph Lauren Photoshop debacle. If you know the 80/90s supermodels, it’s a bit crazy to read that Lara made shape trendy. Yet, it’s true that she brought breasts and curves — the essentials of most female anatomy — back to fashion.

Lara is very close to Carine Roitfeld, who I personally adore and write about all the time. Carine’s an intellectual fashionista, a combo we don’t think of in America. I love Roitfeld’s willingness to make fashion political, which is the essence of French style and the French woman’s personality.

As for Lara and the ropes, I like them all except the one around her neck. 

Lara Stone was photographed for Interview Magazine by Marcus Piggot, Mert Alas. Here’s the editorial interview by Marc Jacobs.

There’s no doubt that so many women feel conflicted by sexual desire. On the one hand we want to be assertive and on the other surrender — but only to a lover who really knows what he/she is doing. Anne