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Bordelle Lingerie | Fall 2010 Glamorous Eroticism Anne of Carversville

One of our favorite lingerie brands is Bordelle lingerie. The Fall 2010 campaign tapped into the complexity of eroticism and respectabiity for many women.

That same good girl/bad girl ambivalence is captures by Mark Squires in his Gravure Magazine editorial ‘She Wore White’, lensing model Judith Bedard in an erotic confrontation between natural sensuality and country girl innocence and bondage attire. Styling by Megan Ross and leather harnesses, says FGR, by Zana Bayne.


Bordelle continues with its edgy erotic mood for Spring 2011 and Anne of Carversville readers love it.

Bordelle Lingerie | Spring 2011 | Scorching Eroticism! Anne of Carversville