Film & Editorial | Stephanie Seymour | Greg Kadel | Numero #97 Oct. 2008

Stephanie Seymour from Greg Kadel Studios on Vimeo.

Note | Nudity Yesterday FGR shared this rather infamous, Stephanie Seymour in-the-eye-of Greg Kadel film. We looped back to pick up the Numero 97 editorial, given Anne’s Victoria’s Secret history with Stephanie. The spread seems to have upset a lot of haters over at TFS, but Luxx summed up the editorial in words we relate to. Then again, she’s from New York.

I have always found Stephanie to be one of the models whose look best represents raw sexuality. Something about her is just carnal and photographers pick up on that. As she’s aged she’s taken on more of a grand dame quality and I think these pictures display that. Very excited to get my hands on this issue.


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