Eniko Mihalik | Miguel Reveriego | Numero #115 | Connoisseurs of Women

My head is so blown away by the beauty of the Eniko Mihalik | Miguel Reveriego photos for Numero #115 Aug 2010, that I need a double Black Label on the rocks at high noon. No Bloody Marys allowed. This editorial calls for a single malt scotch celebration.

Fashionistas, photographers, marketers, journalists, sensual women and all the rest of humanity, too … New Eroticism is finally blooming in female-centric beauty — yet with a disruptive undercurrent that asks fundamental questions about women’s nature.

Politics, religion, and conservatism’s fundamental questions about the nature of women come home to roost in this exquistely lit look at women’s dark side and the nature of being female.

These Eniko Mihalik photos by Miguel Reveriego illuminate sorcery, seduction and sensuality with an enlightening sensitivity to his subject.

As our conversations skyrocket forward on New Eroticism, Eniko Mihalik represents all women — those who are free and those who are flogged for wearing pants on the streets of Khartoum.

What a spectacular image capture of the female conundrum I’m talking about here at Anne of Carversville and Sensuality News. It is our commitment to examine this topic from every angle, and we’re so inspired by this Miguel Reveriego expression of womanhood mused by Eniko Mihalik.

Trust me when I say that women will cry when they see these beautiful photos. Just remember, ladies, the truth will set us free. Anne  Photos via Fashionising.com