Ellen von Unwerth | Smart Sensuality Woman's "Revenge"

Ellen Von Unwerth’s “Revenge” images trace the erotic journey of three young women arriving at a rural manor for a delightful getaway. The Baroness has a more erotically charged experience in mind, one that seduces the three jeune filles into titillating but never demeaning S&M power play. 

The Baroness is a stunner, who rules her bucolic empire with her chauffeur and stable boy. 

The images in “Revenge”, Ellen Von Unwerth provoke our psyches with naughtiness without reducing female integrity in a subhuman way. Von Unwerth’s gift is to tantalize and tempt, to unleash sensual imaginations and desires in a female-centric fashion. 

Most women have a naughty side and are repressed in our sensual appetites by the global, patriarchal morality police who assume that our appetites are as wanton as their own. 

Ellen Von Unwerth elevates sensual desire, rather than condemning it. In her playful approach to titillation, she makes us blush and perhaps move our hand beneath the covers. This is EVU’s gift, and one we sprinkle throughout Anne of Carversville, using images from “Revenge” in so many of Anne’s commentaries on female sensuality.


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