Carolyn Murphy | Daniele & Iango | 'The Return of Splendor' | Vogue Nippon March 2011

There’s a wind blowing in Spring 2011 editorial — one called ‘The Return of Splendor’ in Carolyn Murphy’s Daniele & Iango images for Vogue Nippon March 2011 —  that reflects a commanding, credentialed femme fatale style not grounded in baubles and endless window fashion dressing, but in an authentic style sensibility that is sexy and luxurious but also not superficial.

My best representation of this woman is a Forties film star, a Lauren Bacall kind of creature. Women from movies of this decade fascinate me as very sexy creatures who are also independent and have high intelligence. They are competent women.

It’s easy to focus on the title ‘The Return of Splendor’ for Carolyn Murphy’s Vogue Nippon editorial and dismiss it as one more uber luxurious fashion statement, but I find it substantative and too short, with only four images of the new Tom Ford collection styled by George Cortina. The Carolyn Murphy images hang as a question mark in my mind, which is wanting more. Anne


via FGR