Bregje Heinen | Signe Vilstrup | Tush #2, Spring 2010

bregje heinen angelic for tush #2Looking at this exquisite fashion editorial of Danish photographer Signe Vilstrup capturing Bregje Heinen for Tush #2, Spring 2010 in an editorial “L’idole Eternelle”, I drift back to a night a couple years ago in the Louvre in Paris.

After meeting up with the Mona Lisa,  I wandered around in search of classical statuary. I found it in the traditional halls, but what really got my attention was the “basement”, the statues that weren’t on display.

signe vilstrup's sensual photography

They stood “crumbled” and strewn helter skelter one floor down, but visible to onlookers. Peering down into the “graveyard”, I was entertained by blue strobe lights and classical jazz. The effect was totally modern, even if the subjects of my artistic experience were centuries old statues.

bregje heinen is alluring

bregje heinen with classical statuesBregje Heinen’s soft focus lens and moody sensuality is timely in a growing desire to explore classical sensuality, the power relationships between men and women, and pre-Christian morality.

I adore the suggestion that Bregje Heinen — a very young model — is womanly and in touch with her desire. Typically, a young woman can’t pull off this attitude, but Heinen succeeds. Infused with angelic respectability she expresses sensuality but also doesn’t consummate it.

Erotic tension is typically black and moody, not ethereal. Very interesting! Photos via Fashionography.

signe vilstrup woman photographerbregje heinen and signe vilstrupbregje heinen as tush angelsigne vilstrup's soft focus photographybregje heinen is sensual angelsexual tension with bregje heinentush magazine photographysigne vilstrup's fab photography