Andrej Pejic | 'Dark Narcissus' by Alexander Hankoff | A Masterpiece

I am not easily impressed and never at a loss for words. The level of creative talent that I have witnessed in Andrej Pejic’s ‘Dark Narcissus by Alexander Hankoff has blown me to bits, and I will write about this small masterpiece tomorrow, after dreaming about it. 

Of course Andrej is the obvious star, but magic like this only happens when creators synergize on all cylinders and especially with Alexander Hankoff, who had the idea and filmed ‘Dark Narcissus’. (God damn! A New York City raised, living in Williamsburg photographer with soul, talent and empathy.)

‘Dark Narcissus’ is an outstanding creation with strong subliminal messages on many topics. The relationship between Andrej Pejic — who may be the most compelling model in fashion today — and his photographer are engaged in a visual dance. 

The styling, the music, the staging — everything is stupdendous.

This film should be expanded and submitted for art competitions in film. It could become a classic statement about fashion, female, mirrors, narcissicism, approval, self image, identity. All the elements are here, and I must say that Andrej Pejic just broke the mold in my playbook.

Bravo to everyone involved with this gift to us all — which I have already watched five times. This is performance art of the highest caliber. Anne (full credits at end of photos shortly).

Andrej Pejic | ‘Dark Narcissus by Alexander Hankoff