Ulrikke Hoyer Is Global Traveler Lensed By Charlotte Wales In Vogue Paris October 2017

Charlotte-Wales-for-Vogue-Paris-October-2017- (1).jpg

Photographer Charlotte Wales flashes 'La Mode Aux Trousses' starring Ulrikke Høyer in ready-to-go clothes styled by Charlotte Collet in Vogue Paris October 2017./ Hair by Christian Eberhard; makeup by Petros Petrohilos

Ulrikke Hoyer is the young model sent home from the Louis Vuitton cruise show in Tokyo for being too fat -- somewhat bloated -- after her flight. Hoyer went public, making her protest a significant catalyst in the mutual decision of LVMH and Kering to declare new standards in model sizing, ones more in line with the great supers of the '90s. None of them would fit in today's model runway clothes. 

Under Emmanuelle Alt, Vogue Paris has become fashion milktoast. The staging of Ulrikke's new editorial is surely anchored in visual coincidence, but it does carry a rare VP message. Perhaps VP was consulted about the upcoming changes on model sizing from LVMH and Kering.