Robbert Jacobs Captures Oceanic Fragility In Fall 2017 PEET DULLAERT 2017-1 Campaign

Photographer Robbert Jacobs delivers a visually breathtaking series of images in Peet Dullaert's newest campaign. Primordial in its vision, the campaign is inspired by myths of the sea and organic symbols of life. In extraordinary, poetic images this latest Peet Dullaert campaign attempts to build collective awareness around the need to help protect our oceans and life within it. Our oceans are also the great symbol of the collective unconscious, the vast expanse of collective memory that unites our ecosystem from coral reefs to humans to African elephants. Estimates vary, but currently our oceans are believed to be 3.8 billion years old, with the oldest oceanic crust being less than 200 million years old. In the brand's call to action,

In July 2017, scientists published a new study warning us that Planet Earth is on its way to the biggest mass extinction since the dinosaurs -- the sixth one with the last being 66 million years ago. 

Peet Dullaert writes:

While beauty prevails, its source for good simultaneously calls for awareness to help protect our oceans and decaying coral reefs in efforts to preserve the magnificent diversity they have harboured for centuries. Together we contribute to a better world. – from Peet Dullaert