Solve Sundsbo Captures 'Okja' Villain Tilda Swindon For Vogue Korea July 2017

Actor Tilda Swindon stars in 'T is for Tilda', styled by Jerry Stafford in futuristic fashion looks. Solve Sundsbo captures Tilda for Vogue Korea July 2017./ Hair by Sam McKnight; makeup by Sam Bryant

Swindon currently stars with Bong Joon-Ho in their new Netflix film 'Okja', a story of corporate villainy in the form of a powerful, multinational bio-food company prostituting itself for $$$. Swinton plays Lucy Mirando—as well as her twin sister, Nancy. Upon taking over her nasty father’s company, Lucy announces a contest called the Super Pig Project whereby piggies are sent to farmers around the world and the best one will be crowned the winner 10 years later. Flash forward, and Okja the pig has developed a friendship with Mija (Ahn Seo Hyun), who lives with her grandfather in South Korea. But their idyllic life is disturbed when Mirando comes to reclaim Okja, inspiring Mija to risk everything to save Okja.

'Okha' opened on very limited theater distribution in South Korea this week. Exec-produced by Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment, the film did stunningly well in the ongoing dispute with Netflix over the timings of releases.  Fans can also watch the film on the big screen at the upcoming Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, Asia's largest genre event, which is slated to run July 13-23 in Seoul's satellite city of Bucheon, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

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