Vincent Peters Flashes 'The Mummy' Star Annabelle Wallis For Town & Country May 2017

Actor Annabelle Wallis covers the May 2017 cover of Town & Country, styled in Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Versace and more. Wallis, who stars with Tom Cruise in the upcoming contemporary horror classic 'The Mummy' talks about her role as the adventurous archaeologist Jenny Halsey with writer Adam Rathe. 

Wallis is undeniably having a moment. In addition to the movies, she’s got a spot on the international fashion circuit—she sat front row at Giorgio Armani Privé’s Paris Fashion Week show and at Ralph Lauren last winter in New York, and she stunned at Chanel’s dinner the night before February’s BAFTA Awards—as well as a rock star boyfriend in Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. Yet she’s in no hurry to identify herself as Hollywood’s latest wide-eyed newcomer.

“I was never an ingenue,” Wallis says. “I’ve traveled the globe, I’ve backpacked through South America, I’ve done conservation work in Africa. I was never the girl who knew nothing of the world.”

Vincent Peters flashes Wallis, who has avoided roles calling for just another pretty face. “I like the idea that I come into a room and you think you’re dealing with one thing, but the truth is I’m very layered,” she says. “I’m this blond, blue-eyed woman who you can be fooled into thinking is quite safe but is actually rather dangerous.”