Karen Elson Enjoys A 'Second Bloom' In Pamela Hanson Images For Porter #20 Spring 2017

Top model Karen Elson, her twin sister Kate Elson and friend Rachel gather at Karen's Nashville home in 'Second Bloom', styled by Lilli Millhiser. Photographer Pamela Hanson captures the trio for Porter Magazine #20 Summer 2017./ Hair by Reanae Pop; makeup by Janelle Wood

Karen Elson just released her second album 'Double Roses', seven years after her debut album 'The Ghost That Walks'. In a recent interview with Elle, Elson "describes herself as not "your typical model" and "never fitting the grain." It's clear from these analyses that she's been engaged in a process of self-discovery, which has naturally fed her music. The album, Elson explains, is a deep dive into the "tumultuous times" she's gone through, but also her understanding of herself as both an ever-evolving mother and artist. "These things take time," she says. "They really do. I had to get comfortable with my contradictions, and with owning who I am, and owning the woman I've become. And this record is ultimately a real reflection of that."