Hailey Baldwin Graces Inprint Magazine #4, Lensed By Pierre Toussaint

Mindless moments are easy to discover on the Internet. Why in the era of fake news people choose to obsess over why Hailey Baldwin is sitting on the toilet, cover down, while her panties lounge around her ankles is more than some Hailey fans can handle. So much for creative license in the modern world. 

The 20-year-old covers Issue 4th of Australia's Inprint Magazine, styled in elegant looks by Inprint's founder and the shoot's stylist Megha Kapoor, who said:  "I would never want to literally shoot her peeing, that's super crass." Instead, the ex-Vogue creative took a light-hearted approach to such a serious subject. as peeing. Photographer Pierre Toussaint is behind the lens, shooting the pic at the end of a "really great day" says Kapoor.