Camilla Belle Wears Quiet Elegance In Carla Guler Images For Hello! Fashion November 2016

Actor Camilla Belle is styled by Jennifer Michalski-Bray in quiet elegance. Carla Guler flashes Camilla for the November 2016 cover story of Hello! Fashion. Belle's new movie 'Open Road' premiered earlier in November at the 5th annual Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival. / Hair by Gio Campora; makeup by Mai Quynh

In the movie, which centers on a young Brazilian artist who comes to the US in search of her father, Belle was required to speak Portuguese. This was not a problem for the daughter of a Brazilian mother and American father -- but the experience was very emotional. Hollywood Reporter writes:

“She is a Brazilian-American just like me, so I didn’t have to do that much research in there, but her dream was to become a painter artist, and I actually have a family friend who is a painter, so we worked together and she really helped me to learn how to paint and bring that into the set,” Belle said.

Like Gisele, who promotes the wonderfulness of Brazil, Belle feels it's important to offer a positive vision of the country.

“I am excited: There is so much potential coming out of Brazil that the world is not aware of yet, so it’s nice to promote a positive film, from the positive side of Brazil, because people see films like City of God where there are so much violence, and on our film, there is music and happy aspects of Brazil that people are not fully aware yet. So I am hoping that I am able to promote it more,” Belle said.

The film does not yet have a release date in the U.S. or Brazil.