Willow Smith Flies High In Bruce Weber Images For CR Fashion Book Fall/Winter 2016

It girl Willow Smith is styled by Carine Roitfeld in Bruce Weber images for CR Fashion Book's Fall/Winter 2016 issue. In her editorial 'The Willow in the Wind' and interview 'The Blind Spot', Ms. Smith conveys a simple truth: she is wise beyond her years. 

"Beauty doesn't exist. Beauty is something that humans made up. Everything in life, even the negative things, are one and the same and make up this thing we call existence. I do not believe in categorizing what is beautiful and what is ugly. There is only what is. If art didn't exist, I would be in nature so much more than I already am. Which would be incessant amounts. Probably every day and night of my entire life. Just to drink in the divinity of what Source Energy created, and continues to create."

When Willow and her brother Jaden Smith sat down for a fall 2014 interview with T Magazine, the responses and reviews were not kind. Just reading Willow's commentary for CR Fashion Book, it's obvious that she is submerged in quantum physics and non-duality theory. Reading the Independent's analysis of the 2014 interview, it's unfortunate that the typically insightful newspaper could only conclude that the siblings were involved in pseudo-intellectual babble. And yes, Willow Smith was reading a book on quantum theory in the interview. I'm impressed and should perhaps extend my own study of quantum physics and non-duality with this young woman as my tutor. ~ Anne