Anna Cleveland Gives A Civics Lesson, Lensed By Julien D'Ys For CR Fashion Book #6

From Next Management cuz I can’t do any better and it’s great to read good writing:


Individual freedom, speech included, is but one the foundations of democracy and the very principle at the heart of the oft-cited quotation by Voltaire biographer Evelyn Beatrice Hall, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” This passage serves as the title and point of departure for an arresting story photographed by Julien D’Ys in CR Fashion Book Issue 6 featuring the inimitable Anna Cleveland. The story quite frankly cuts to the chase in the first frame with Anna wearing a dress by Dior and seeming to shear off her locks in what is billed as a quest for “self-actualization, enlightenment, and, ultimately, transcendence.” Heady stuff, truly, but Anna keeps the story within reach, the stuff of civics 101 by way of high fashion.