Sienna Miller By Mario Testino In 'The Time of Her Life' For Vogue US January 2015

Actor Sienna Miller chose sexy glamour for the New York Lincoln Center premiere of her new movie ‘American Sniper’ last night (Image above). Her look was a major change from Mario Testino’s child-rich photoshoot for the January issue of American Vogue (below).

Directed by veteran Clint Eastwood, American Sniper is based on the experiences of Navy SEAL sharp-shooter Chris Kyle, played by Bradley Cooper, whose skills made him a hero in Iraq with more than 150 confirmed kills during four tours of duty.

But on returning home to his wife, Taya, played by Sienna Miller, and their kids, Chris finds it’s the war he can’t leave behind.

Actor Sienna Miller tells Vogue that the Great Sienna Instagram Experiment lasted about five days, shorter than a Liz Taylor marriage, writes Vogue.

Sienna Miller on social media:

“It was the most addictive thing,” she says. “Every morning I’d wake up and there would be a thousand more followers or whatever and there would be these amazing greetings like ‘Welcome! We love you!’ ” She laughs nervously. “I’d be inflated by this nonexistent, intangible love. I was like, ‘I need to get off this.’ ”

The Great Sienna Instagram Experiment lasted approximately five days, Sienna says, shorter than a Liz Taylor marriage.

“Ultimately it leaves you feeling incredibly lonely,” Miller says. “I know friends who are prolific on social media, and it gives them a lot of anxiety. That level of exposure… .”

OK (writes Jason Gay), if she will not bleat it herself on Twitter, let me bleat it for her: Sienna Miller is on an undeniable hot streak. A couple of hours after this lunch, Miller is due around the corner at Lincoln Center for the New York Film Festival premiere of director Bennett Miller’s wrestling drama Foxcatcher, in which she has a supporting role. Next up is American Sniper, a gripping real-life story of the late decorated U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, starring Bradley Cooper as Kyle and directed by the flinty American icon Clint Eastwood. After that comes Unfinished Business, a comedy with Vince Vaughn, and the Boston-mobster saga Black Mass, with Miller the moll to Johnny Depp’s Whitey Bulger. Somewhere in there is Mississippi Grind, with indie auteurs Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, and High-Rise, a J. G. Ballard drama with Jeremy Irons. Miller is also signed on for the upcoming Amazon mystery The Lost City of Z, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Pattinson, and Live by Night, Ben Affleck’s much-anticipated follow-up to his Oscar-winning Argo.

Phew. It is an enviable list of parts in enviable films—the best string of work of her career. If it were me, I’d tweet about this nonstop. I tweet when my cat gets winter booties. If I were Sienna Miller, I would want to tell everyone.

“Dude,” Miller says conspiratorially. “I’m trying to be cool about it. But secretly inside, I’m dancing.”

Sienna Miller’s January 2015 Vogue cover shot features Burberry’s teal coat worn by Naomi Campbell in Burberry’s spring advertising campaign, also lensed by Mario Testino. Inside the magazine, Tonne Goodman styles Sienna Miller in boho chic for ‘The Time of Her Life’.