Diane Rules! The DVF WRAP Shop On Net-a-Porter

Yes! If I was planning 10 essential pieces for a Smart Sensuality woman’s wardrobe, Diane von Furstenberg’s new reinterpretation of her classic wrap dress — in a suede fabric here — would be on the list. Given the nature of suede’s substance and lack of drape, the dress — inspired by ‘American Hustle’ is constructed of major patchwork sections.  

The 13-piece line of 10 ready-to-wear offerings and three clutches showcases Von Furstenberg’s ‘favorite styles.’

“It is a little bit rock ’n’ roll, a little bit modern, a little bit ’70s glamour,” she says of the sparkling halter dresses and Studio 54-esque jumpsuits that are iterations of the classic piece. “It is really about our strongest prints and our most iconic silhouettes. There is always something more you can do…it is a little bit like being a woman: Once you have established an identity and you know who you are, then there is more freedom to experiment.”

For me, I prefer the same look in sustainable fabrics, although I am not a vegetarian or opposed to wearing animal-derived products.  You could say I’m trying to elevate my consciousness level on this topic. DVF’s new capsule collection for Net-a-Porter launches tomorrow. Love! ~ Anne

Earlier in 2014, Style.com interviewed Diane von Furstenberg about her memoir The Woman I Wanted to Be’.