Nicole Kidman With 'Eyes Wide Open' By Camilla Akrans For Vogue Germany August 2013

Photographer Camilla Akrans captures actor Nicole Kidman for Vogue Germany, in images that speak volumes about female sensuality. We begin with Kidman evoking a Marilynesque femininity and sexual innocence, followed quickly by a bondage-style lace mask that silences her mouth while drawing our attention to Kidman’s eyes. They do not turn away; there is no sexual blink.

Nicola Knels styles an editorial of consummate femininity and elegance, while conveying the contradictions that surround woman’s sexual undercurrent. Kidman captured this reality so well in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’.

The oscar-winning artist is lensed by three different photographers — Patrick Demarchelier, Camilla Akrans and Bruce Weber —  for the August issue dedicated to her and to celebrate her honorary award from the Cinema for Peace Foundation. Nicole is honored for ‘her commitment to social change and her activism on behalf of women’s rights’.

That makes her a Smart Sensuality AOC woman engaged in issues ‘from fashion to flogging’.

Vogue Germany’s Editor-in-Chief Christiane Arp said: ‘

Success has not satisfied Nicole Kidman. On the contrary — her hunger for new experiences is undiminished. We are fascinated by that aspect of her character.’

It’s a gift for us that she was prepared to be featured in this Vogue. Not only because she gave us so much of her time, but also because, above and beyond her Hollywood professionalism, she opened herself up as an approachable and profound person.’


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