A Towering Kim Kardashian By Miguel Reveriego for Elle US March 2013

Celebrity Kim Kardashian graces the March issue of Elle magazine in ‘His Fair Lady’, perhaps a triple entendre reference to Kanye West, goddess woman stylist on this editorial Nicola Formichetti and sensual photographer Miguel Reveriego. 

It’s a great day!!  Pope Benedict is stepping down and we can’t get a pope more ultra-conservative than he is. Vogue Australia has a terrific feature on the real supermodels and what fab Amazonian women they were as Smart Sensuality symbols of strong, powerful female. 

It’s not that Kim Kardashian is my ultimate ideal, but I thrill to see her, Beyonce, Lara Stone in Vogue Australia and Kate Upton in one morning — as strong, confident women with sexuality and curves. It’s been such a dry spell for decades — one that has really played with women’s brains. And yesterday I raved about a ‘50 Shades’ ad campaign that I can get behind, because if it romanticizes the trend, it does so in a way that doesn’t compromise my principles on the NOT natural subjugation of women. AND, I have a business meeting today that should result in GlamTribale’s fourth location. Yes!! All systems are go this morning. ~ Anne 

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