Sui He Wears Dior, Lensed By Bojana Tatarska For Glass Magazine Winter 2013/14

Sui He showcases Dior’s couture collection for Glass Magazine’s winter 2013/14 issue. Lensed by Bojana Tatarska, Sui is styled by Nicola Kavanagh in ‘Dance otherwise we are Lost’. Dior designer and creative director Raf Simons shares his perspective on the Smart Sensuality evolution of the Dior brand. In his own words:

“I began by looking at women from different continents and cultures who wear couture, their personal style.” Dior’s playful autumn/winter collection was inspired by flags — ‘a graphic symbol of national and personal identity.’ Simons continues: “The collection evolved to be about Dior, not just being about Paris and France, but about the rest of the world and how many fashion cultures impact on the house and on myself.”

My main aim has been to bring a sense of reality back to haute couture, and the A/W 134 collection is about focusing on the reality of the woman herself, including her culture and personality. It is not just the reality of wearing the clothes but how a woman chooses to wear them, the liberation of choice and reflecting who she actually is.”

On his love for red, Simons says: “It’s a tonic and flattering, the colour of life. I love red. It goes with virtually every complexion. Bright reds — scarlet, pillar-box red, crimson or cherry are full of joy and youth.”