Winona Ryder Reveals Homophobic Attack In V Magazine #86 WINTER 2013.14

Winona Ryder shares with V Magazine the story of her being bullied in school in a homophobic attack that led her to be homeschooled. I was obsessed with Bugsy Malone and had my hair cut short. “Walking home after leaving the nurse’s office — and I’ve never talked about this — I remember pressing on the bandage because I wanted it to look more dramatic.” The attack on Winona led her parents to take her out of the school and educate her at home, while also enrolling her at American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

In her new film ‘Homefront’, Winona plays a ‘biker chick’, joining James Franco,  Jason Statham and Kate Bosworth in the Nov. 27, 2013 opening. Winona plays a slicked up femme, styled by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele and photographed by Mario Testino in V #86.


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