Izabel Goulart in Sign From Lilith That Anne Has Religious Morals After All

Good Goddess! Lilith is in a total tizzy today, knowing that yours truly is in deep doodoo with the religious right today after publishing the names and New Mexico government bios w/contact info of those 10 virtuous Republican women legislators in New Mexico who decided to make it a felony for victims of rape and incest to abort their zygotes. Same for using a morning after pill. The ladies of God called it destroying evidence in a criminal prosecution and the state would be taking control of their personhood for the duration of their pregnancy.

So I did what any responsible women’s rights activist would do and published their names, expecting a response but not this. It was a total goddess confab today about how to handle the reality that 2% of today’s web traffic is coming from the search term “Babylon”. If I had any reputation for respectability left, it’s gone now. 

“Hang on”, shouted Lilith. “Don’t leave for that art gallery soon to sell my collection. I have a message for you via Vogue Brazil’s February issue. “

Indeed, dear Lilith. This is almost as good as Nuns on the Bus giving me a big hug last July. I see what you mean. In a country more committed to women’s rights than Amerca — and that includes keeping the Catholic bishops in line (but then the Vatican did ravage the country at one time) — Isabel Goulart reminds me that I, too, am in a ‘State of Grace’ — even if I am a harlot, a Jezebel and general danger to humankind, as far as the religous right is concerned.

One of my favorite sensual photographers Giampaolo Sgura is behind the lens in this religious commentary about female nature and virtue, with styling by Anna Dello Russo. Normally, Russo is too over the top for me, but here she rocks! More later, when I return — including links to all this jibberish! Peace out! ~ Anne

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