Kati Nescher Adores Her Cigarettes By David Hughes for Love #9 As 'Smoking'

Good news for women smokers! We may not have cracked that Mad Men Fortune 500 glass ceiling 50 years later, but on the subject of enjoying the benefits of smoking, we are in a dead heat with the bad boys of Madison Avenue.

The New England Journal of Medicine studied more than 2.2 million adults 55 years and older, concluding that we ladies have made terrific progress in closing this gender gap. 

Women who smoked in the 1960s had a 2.7 times higher risk of lung cancer than les femmes who had never smoked. Today, present-day female smokers have a 25.7 times higher rate of lung cancer than women who have never smoked. Bravo!

Study head Michael Thun, a physician who recently retired as vice president emeritus of the American Cancer Society, compared his conclusions with those of a study at the University of Toronto. This study concluded that sexy cigarette smokers lose an “average of about 10 years over their lifetimes compared to people who have never smoked.” 

These boring doctors are concerned about the “profound implications for many developing countries” who are filled with young women dying to be fashionistas, emulating women like Kati Nescher, lensed here by David Hughes for Love #9 spring/summer 2013. Kati seduces as the consummate torch bearer for cigarettes, styled by Anders Solvsten Thomsen.

J’adore us maverick fashionistas! Let them eat cake! ~ Anne