Constance Jablonski Is Femme Fatale for Vogue Germany February 2013 by Alexi Lubomirski

Constance Jablonski plays one of the quintessential seductress roles in modern culture: the femme fatale. As a decendent of the Greek Aphrodite and Roman goddess Venus, Constance allures men with her seductivew powers and intelligence. 

Jablonski is lensed in ‘Lichtsplele’ by Alexi Lubomirski with styling by Christiane Arp. Hair by Neil Moodie; makeup by Tyron Machhausen.

The femme fatale is a Smart Sensuality woman par excellence, but the latter is as focused on inspiring women as men. In the world of the true femme fatale, other women are obstacles to be ignored. 


via tfs