Paolo Roversi's 'Multiethnic Gallery' Captures Global Beauty for Vogue Italia January 2013

Stylist Cathy Edwards takes on the formidable task of styling Paolo Roversi’s ‘Multiethnic Gallery’ editorial for Vogue Italia’s January 2013 issue. Models — including cultural figures — are Alyssah Ali, Camila Costa, Diariata Niang, Denni Elias, Grace Mahary, Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, Ikue Uramune, Karina, Mimi Xu, Mai Lan, Maria Borges, Miyuki, Sofia Boutella, Yana Sheptovetskaya. 

Of all the Vogues, Italia is the most intellectual with a focus that touches political and social issues, as well as the preservation of indiginous or national folklore in a 21st century homogenous world. Not all fashionistas like their thinking-woman’s focus, but many others embrace it. The January issue of Vogue Italia has a strong Asian focus but isn’t confined at all to Asian models.

I read lelaid’s comment at fashion spot that “Franca is attempting to “reach out” but she comes across as really ignorant.” Nothing like a young guy in Chicago telling Franca Sozzani what global culture is all about. Since the Greeks, it’s been called “hubris”.

Those who are interested in this entire topic of cultural preservation with authenticity should study Russell James’ wonderful project Nomad Two Worlds. ~ Anne


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