Juliet Ingleby & Lucho Jacob | Tom Ford | CR Fashion Book No.1 | 'Lucho & Juliet'

Designer/photographer Tom Ford and Carine Roitfeld team up to produce one of the most original editorials of the season in ‘Lucho & Juliet’, published in the debut issue of CR Fashion Book. Juliet Ingleby and Lucho Jacob are lovers, living the high life on Park Avenue in Ford’s original story.

Juliet is poisoned by a Dior apple, sent to her by a woman seeking revenge after being spurned by Lucho. Now the fashion drama unfolds. 

After eating the apple, Juliet falls into a deep sleep, never to awaken. So in love with her, Lucho lovingly commits to spend eternity by her side as CR surveys the best looks of the season. The editorial is original, edgey, a bit creepy and romantic. Nice. 


via TFS