Doutzen, Magdalena, Miles, Duncan & Kendra | Mikael Jansson | LOVE #8, F/W 2012 | Car Song

Note | Nudity Doutzen Kroes, Magdalena Frackowiak, Miles McMillan, Duncan Pyke & Kendra Spears share a sexy night in ‘Car Song’, lensed by Mikael Jansson for LOVE magazine #8. One blogger says that LOVE is in another ripoff controversy over this editorial. It seems the headline is a bit controversial, when one actually reads the thread and sees minimal discussion of a few people. Mikael Jansson’s editorial is charged with ripping off the work of Australian contemporary art photographer Bill Henson.

Personally, I find the claim false — especially given the prevalence of interest in dark, hard-to-see at night imagery that is proliferating editorials and ad campaigns. George Jensen comes to mind. LOVE magazine by definition will be sexy and edgy. “Inspired by” or “referencing” may apply here but a ripoff?? Are we really saying that no other photographer can do sexy, gritty night-time photography. Many of us have lived the nights of ‘Car Song’ exactly as pictured by Janssen and Katie Grand. Can only one photographer in the world bring those familiar images to life? And employing superior techniques, imho.

Me thinks this charge is much ado about nothing. It rather irks me when peeple whose creative talent pales next to Katie Grand’s or Mikhael Jansson take up this subject as accusatory critics of success driven off the backs of others. I call it dialing for page views.

Even the quote is incomplete, actually saying “seems more like a reference”, before adding “then again LOVE has had this dilemma before, but with Mert and Marcus. I wonder if it’s Katie coming up with these ideas or the photographers.”

Sounds like selective editing to me to call 4-5 comments a “rip-off controversy” and then forget to write that one of those commenters says “seems like more of a reference”. And to assume that every stylist and photographer is familiar with everyone else’s work in every country is a bit empty-headed imho. Next. ~ Anne


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