Laetitia Casta & Choupette Lagerfeld | Karl Lagerfeld | V Magazine | Glamour Puss

Laetitia Casta strikes a very French pose with Choupette Lagerfled, Karl Lagerfeld’s cat via Baptiste Giaconi, her original owner. Lagerfeld now immortalizes Choupette with Laetitia in ‘Glamour Puss’ for V Magazine with echoes of restraint and BDSM detailing, styled by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele. The Gloss writes that the girls are doing BDSM on each other, but I seriously think they’re giving Choupette entirely too much power. In fact, one must ask when writers use terms like “incestuous bestiality” in describing this fashion shoot — exactly what caliber of Internet page views are they seeking. As for Choupette, she looks totally disengaged — woops, aloof and bored out of her brains.

Fashoinista takes a more grounded approach to the editorial, writing that Choupette has an agent IMG, along with Laetitia. In fact, it’s a cat model moment writes BuzzFeed Shift. ~ Anne


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