Andrej Pejic | Nicolas Guerin | Vestal Magazine July 2012 | 'Andrej'

Andrej Pejic delivers a sublime performance in Nicolas Guerin’s stellar images for Vestal Magazine’s July issue. There is a difference between fashion editorials and pure artistry. These images are intense and convey the complexity of female sensuality and identity without making Andrej look deranged. Robin Navarro Harraga styles Andrej’s hair to add to the drama. There is grit in the images without making her dirty, as some photographers prefer. As always — when he wants to — Andrej delivers a full-frontal confrontation with the camera that is mesmerizing. Love! ~ Anne

On the subject of Kevin Sinclair’s excellent development of Vestal Magazine and his career, too, read Fashion Gone Rogue Has EARNED Your $$$ Help | Contribute To Her Indie GoGo Campaign. Indeed, Kevin is heavily featured in my comments. And I gotta try to help FGR.