Maria Palm, Elise Lou, Mette Ingeborg + | Signe Vilstrup | Treats Magazine #3 Spring 2012 | The Ritual

Note | Nudity If photographer and Treats! publisher Steve Shaw was here right now, I would jump up and kiss him!!

Just last week I wrote a close friend of mine that I totally trust Steve to develop a latent business concept of mine. I was trying to assure this person that I wouldn’t be taking on yet another new business project — to the detriment of my own happiness and journey of self development.

When I met Steve in New York, I rushed into lunch with the latest news of my women’s rights battle — the April 28 marches nationwide. It was not I who convinced him to publish this editorial. He knew all the time that it was in work and only told me that I would be very happy with Treats! #3.

Signe Vilstrup and I are on the same wave length since I wrote about Bregje Heinen’s Tush #2 editorial in spring 2010.

For Steve to bring in a woman’s vision on this particular topic of religion, women and sensuality is stunning. Vilstrup’s inclusion makes a statement about the intellectual integrity of Treats! which matters deeply to Steve.

I support him in this quest for combining sensuality and deep thinking in a stylish magazine, publishing an editorial that acknowledges the fact that over half of Treats! readers are women. In America we grapple with being called representatives of Harlot Babylon because we embrace our sensuality and believe that our own identities and individual rights exceed those of a fertilized egg. I continue my request that artists help us fight this battle, because if America falls in women’s rights, forget the women in the Arab world.

Maria Palm, Elise Lou, Mette Ingeborg and others are styled by Dorothea Gundtoft in ‘The Ritual’ by Signe Vilstrup for Treats! #3.  All I can say is ‘AMEN’; suitable photos are headed for AOC’s front page — where even nuns hang out! I’m sure a few wander into Private Studio as well! ~ MWAH, Treats! Anne

Signe Vilstrup - Ritual - Treats! Magazine Issue 3 from on Vimeo.