Saskia de Brauw | Paolo Roversi | Vogue Korea May 2012 | In the MIrror

I’m having a Saskia de Brauw moment this morning. This exquisite vision of Saskia is lensed by Paolo Roversi as ‘In the MIrror’ for Vogue Korea’s May issue. Ye Young Kim styles Saskia in sensual simplicity with fine lingerie being the foundation of this shoot filled with distortions. This is SUCH an ANNE theme!!!

Ironically, I just wrote For Sister Margaret Farley Reponsible Pleasure Is Not a Sin in my Sensual Rebel column before seeing this editorial of Saskia.

Watching the video — which is quite good (of Delta Lea Goodrem by Nicole Bentley for Vogue Australia) — I wonder how many women would be more in touch with themselves and their sensuality, if we allowed ourselves to stand in front of mirrors and make small sensual motions with our body as Delta does here.

I call this good synchronization! And it gets better because we posted a gorgeous photoshoot of Saskia by her lover photographer and filmmaker Vincent van de Wijngaard ‘La Chambre Bleue’ earlier this morning over at Sensuality News. Inspired by that shoot, I wrote the Sensual Rebel post — Anne in fierce mode against the Catholic bishops and Pope Benedict.

How full circle is that? I leave you with intellectual thoughts from both Vincent and Saskia on their individual blogs.

 … we discover a series of deep reflections about being an artist on his blog. From here we link over to Saskia de Brauw’s blog where she shares a marvelous story about her interview with favorite writer Tahir Shah while on location in Morocco. In an instagram world, how lovely to walk into this visual zone of deep sensuality and beauty this morning, coupled next with deep thoughts and artistry in words.

Vincent van de Wijngaard’s website.  ~ Anne