Tabea Koebach | Seiji Fujimori | The Ground #2 | 'The Throne'

Tabea Koebach stars in a positively brilliant editorial, lensed by Seiji Fujimori for The Ground #2, formerly known as Virgine Magazine. Tabea is backed up by male models Clark Cord, Alex Verga, Justin Hileman, Mark Moore, Mike Keute, Ryan Matthews, Jacob Neeley and Peter Gregory while fighting her losing battle wearing Versace, Gucci, Etro and Maison Martin Margiela styled by Christopher Campbell.

This is my ‘take’ at the creative team’s editorial statement ‘The Throne’.

Way back in the day before monotheism became the law of the land, there is strong reason to believe that women held a great deal more power in some societies. The Amazon women were known to be true warriors and we have strong evidence on hieroglyphics from the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans that women fought in battle. 

In the years of three major Greek philosophers, we read Sophocles writing that he sees a woman heading the state; Plato sees this is some circumstances but women are losing ground. By the time we get to Aristotle, women are essentially animals and men are in charge. Monotheism is founded on Aristotle’s vision of the state.

Tabea Koebach is such a warrior goddess — the Smart Sensuality woman, I call her.  So Tabea sat on her throne with her male posse devoted to her in ‘The Throne’. 

One day nomadic invaders came to Tabea’s land. LOTS of testosterone — so overwhelming that our queen— and all the Amazons, say historians — fell in the face of nomadic brutality. Now here the story breaks down a bit, because the Amazons fought to the death and frankly had little interest in men, except to mate once a year. Or so the story goes.

Tabea’s conqueror picks her up and our heroine is transformed, mesmerized by his masculinity and is filled with adoration that he has saved her, even though he is the source of her misery. You might think that the happy ending of this love affair would have been Tabea’s conqueror marrying her and sharing her throne as ruler — sort of like Cleopatra and Mark Antony.

Au contraire. At the end of our story, Tabea is gone from view and Mr. Testosterone, her saviour and assailant both, is sitting on her throne.

This, my dears, is one version of the history of women’s power and the kind of story I will be telling when we launch our new GlamTribale jewelry collection, named after 12 mythical goddesses — for openers. The 12 collections are inspired by Aphrodite, Baubo, Freja, Gaia, Kai, Isis, Lakshmi, Lilith, Mami Wata, Myrine, Oshun and Themis.


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