Ellen von Unwerth | Chantal Thomass Lingerie Fall/Winter 2012 'Carnival'

Ellen von Unwerth returns to refresh an 2005 Chantal Thomass lingerie campaign featuring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Melissa Rose Haro — still a standout editorial post at AOC.

French designer Chantal Thomass has been called the “Amazon of Sexy” and she lives up to her reputation. Ellen von Unwerth’s mischievous lingerie romp images remind us that garter belts and lace coexist with law degrees or a desire to fund microloans for poor women.

Few people understand this mindset better than French women, who lead the way in purchases of beautiful lingerie. French women invest far more of their clothing budgets — an estimated 20% — on lingerie than American women who spend 10%.

It’s a core premise of AOC that French women remain more in touch with their sexuality as they age and have better sex lives than American women. Read on: Compared to American Women, French Women Don’t Get Fat and Have Hot Sex At Every Age.


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