Elise & Saskia's Body Armor for American Women | Interview Magazine March 2012

Note | Nudity Describing ‘Metal Headz’, Interview March issue writes:

A new Modern Armor rises. Like a gilded cage for the body. It captures the spirit of both old-school craftsmanship and the decadent aristo. Gold leaf. Decorative embellishments. And restrictive metalwork celebrate the eroticism of a constricted silhouette that demands a sharp intake of breath.

Elise Crombez and Saskia de Brauw are styled by Karl Templer, then lensed by Mert & Marcus in an editorial that is ultimately strong in its presentation of the female persona. These new gilded cages are as protective as restrictive, a welcome defense against the Republican and religious onslaught to control our bodies once again in America.

Body Armor for American Women

This pro-woman view is not an attack against motherhood or stay-at-home moms, as the Santorums argue. In calling women like me a whore — or a slut — Rush Limbaugh seeks to discredit my belief that pregnant moms come first in America. Women and couples who seek to control their fertiliy aren’t whores and sluts either, no matter what Catholic bishops say.

Simply stated, we want personhood for moms and women, rather than making them baby-making machines controlled by the state. Let me reinforce this view, as the Supreme Court has done more than once, when feminists fought for our rights to be a whole person 40 years ago. 

Mine is a demand that moms count first and foremost. Her existence and identity are not equal to an egg that might be fertilized in the future, as preached from the Sunday pulpits by Catholic bishops via their priests.

It is insulting beyond words to women and men to equate the two concepts of living breathing women and future fertilized eggs. The religious patriarchy has gotten away with this guilt-ridden mind game far too long.

National March Against the War on Women

Perhaps these two femme fatales Elise and Saskia are warriors in America’s culture wars, marching on April 28 in the first serious drive for a new women’s movement in America since the 1970s. Join us in the National March Against the War on Women by registering in your state via Facebook.

If you live in Pa, please join me in Harrisburg on the last Saturday in April in what is a battle for women’s lives, a rejection of the claim that our entire beings are the physical property of America’s misogynist, social conservatives’ patriarchy.

Women are running scared in America, as legislatures hunt us down with preposterous laws that even govern how our faces will face the camera during an ultrasound her doctor says is totally unnecessary. A woman’s face has nothing to do with an ultrasound of her uterus, so why are they fixated on our faces?

In 2010 Utah passed a bill in both houses that made miscarriage a felony. It was vetoed by the governor. Last year in South Dakota, a bill was introduced making murder or a wife by her husband justifiable homicide, if she was assisting her daughter in getting an abortion. How many of these laws must be passed before thoughtful women and men take the Republican War on Women seriously?

You heard the views of Rush Limbaugh on America’s whores and sluts last week. This is the shaming strategy of the Republican right in their determination to protect their single-minded vision of women’s many family, business, creative, civic and spiritual roles in a vibrant, thriving national culture.

The shaming strategy goes on in many developing nations of the world.

AOC is committed to supporting the women of India and Egypt, Sudan, Zambia, and Uganda. We are banned now in much of the Arab and African world, but read on pop-up proxy websites that outsmart the government censors to help me broadcast the universal truths of women’s lives.

Now we must support the women of America, the so-called liberated ones. I call on all thoughtful, progressive American women and men to take a stand against this relentless assault of American women, our daughters, granddaughters on April 28 in your state capitols.

Grab her little hand, take her with you and stand for her rights to self-determination in the so-called land of the free.  Anne


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