Catherine McNeil | Roe Ethridge | AnOther Spring/Summer 2012

Katie Shillingford styles a stunning editorial featuring Catherine McNeil, lensed by Roe Ethridge for AnOther magazine February 2012. McNeil wears ultra feminine, boudoir lingerie inspiration from Agent Provocateur, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood Gold Label for her bad girl side. Then Katie chooses brands like Emporio Armani, Calvin Klain or Bottega Veneta to highlight Catherine’s Ms. Modesty potential.

Is this a provocative editorial about the future of American women under a Santorum presidency? Out of the boudoir and under a burqa? America’s good girls will soon find out? Only six months to go before we learn if our lives change back to the 1950s, as Republicans seek./ Hair by Duffy; makeup by Lisa Houghton; set design Matt Jackson.