Ellen Von Unwerth's Sexy S&M Shoot for Galore #1 with Ashley Smith

I was about to say that the premiere issue of Galore looks an awful lot like Lovecat — and it is a rebirth of Lovecat under another name. When I saw Aussie clothing brand Lovecat and their sexy films, the words “big problem” went through my mind. Prince Chenoa and Jacob are in Miami for Art Basel — currently being ripped to pieces by numerous critics. So let’s hope the guys are having a good time because we love ‘Lovecat’, now known as ‘Galore’.

The debut issue of Galore features a sexy Ashley Smith on top — which is where I think women should be. None of this ‘50 Shades of Grey’ submission for me, unless it’s true role play light exchange. Ellen von Unwerth lends her ‘pulp’ vision to ‘Goodbye Horses’, a celebration of fetish chic with lots of leather, S&M accessories and two guys— which can be a lot more fun than one — chosen by Anda and Masha.


via FGR