Emma Xie | Paul de Luna | SCMP Style September 2011

We’re drowning in David Austin roses at Anne of Carversville this week.  In all honesty, I doubt these lovely roses are from the platinum-level bloom maestro, but they function beautifully as a proper female sensuality wreath for Emma Xie, styled with elegant simplicity by hair artist Chiao Shen

The obvious suggestion is that Emma is a fallen angel in Paul de Luna’s gorgeous editorial for SCMP Style Magazine September 2011. Styled in romantic, dark, seductive looks by M.H.R. with production by JL Studio, Emma plays an ascending role in our vision, a wise woman dressed for the occasion. 

Leading humanity out of the dirty depths of sensual guilt is not a job for a woman wearing white. Black is the must-have. Lead on Emma Xie. Anne


via FGR