Milly Simmonds | Signe Vilstrup | Tush Fall 2011 | Phoenix Rising

Note | Nudity If we graded editorials, this one would get an A+. Model Milly Simmonds is sincerely stunning, wearing her sensuality and nudity as comfortably as Lara Stone — without Lara’s old edge. That makes her distinctive.

Photographer Signe Vilstrup’s images are perfect, a word I rarely use. To have soft fabrics draped around the model’s body — especially the large grey blanket — is so old school, I can only smile and offer thanks for such sublime portraiture.

This is not the first editorial where Signe Vilstrup has blown me away with an expressed understanding of the nuances of female sexuality and power.

True sensual beauty lies at the heart of this Tush Fall 2011 editorial, with knits styled by Wiebke Bredehorst. /Hair and make-up by Henrik Haue.

This editorial gets our rarely given Phoenix Rising designation. The goddess reigns within these images, reminding any women viewing them of the full integrity of her sensual identity. Wonderful! Anne


via FGR