Dusica Slavic | Dusan Jaukovic | Morfium S/S 2012 | 'Island of Hope'

I’m pleased to share images of the Spring/Summer 2012 collection from Morfium, entitled ‘Island of Hope’, modeled by Dusica Slavic, with styling by Morfium designer Jelena Malesevic and photographed by her partner Dusan Jaukovic.

It seems wise to ask Jelena and Dusan if they have a specific place in mind for ‘Island of Hope’, but it’s safe to say that female-centric values prevail in this magical place — which is not born in mythology and fantasy, but in long-ago historical fact.

My raves about Morfium’s brand positioning — their brand DNA and the design vision that guides them — have opened a dialogue between us. Beyond a flattering discussion about our mutual values and shared understanding of the Morfium concept, we have talked about the Morfium business — in the most superficial sense.

The Morfium concept is one that I believe in strongly and am willing to help nurture. Without reading any financials, it seems that the brand is well beyond incubator and startup, with a multi-year history. Yet, it is a small concept presently. The business is being relocated in Europe now, to provide a more advantageous and efficient business/financial climate than found in Serbia.

I welcome any contact or interest from prospective investors — American or international — on the subject of Morfium. Just drop me a note in Contact Anne.

My prior writing on Morfium — following the Spring 2012 ‘Island of Hope’ collection images- explains what is so right about the Morfium brand concept for Smart Sensuality women of every age, in every nation. Morfium is a unifying design concept that resonates deeply with all of us.  See Morfium website.

Collection 1 Morfium ‘Island of Hope’ Spring/Summer 2012


Collection 2 Morfium ‘Island of Hope’ Spring/Summer 2012

Collection 3 Morfium ‘Island of Hope’ Spring/Summer 2012

Dusan Jaukovic | Alter Native for Morfium, Jewel of a Brand

Dusica Savic & Vasilisa Roganovic | Dusan Jaukovic | ‘Metropolis’ | Morfium Couture

Ena Spahic, Dusica Savic, Milena Savic | Dusan Jaukovic | High Passion Initiation | Morfium