Sophie Vlaming | Klaas Jan Kliphuis | Avantgarde December 2011 | 'Holy Mary'

Once again, I personally thank the models, photographers, stylists and magazines who are keeping religious-themed editorials front and center in the public consciousness. Even our dear Franca Sozzani took the pope to task last week for advocating the liberation of African women while denying them birth control or the use of condoms against AIDS-infected husbands. 

Religion and women will be front and center at AOC next year. As I said to Lisa last night “damn the torpedoes.”

Avantgarde Magazine moves out front and center, pulling no punches with ‘Holy Mary’ — even I wouldn’t use that title. The image below of red-dressed Sophie Vlaming with rose has to be one of the more significant images I’ve seen this year. Klaas Jan Kliphuis made the fantastic shot, one that gets directly to the heart of monotheism’s need to vilify female body arts and female sexuality generally. The blood running out of Sophie’s eye is a brilliant touch, too.

Styled by Roel Schagen, Sophie wears modest fashion and iconic, provocative jewelry from Louis Vuitton, Jil Sander, Valentino, Burberry Prorsum and more. /Hair and makeup by Irena Ruben. Anne


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