Andrea Stancu | Karel Losenicky | Kitten Mag K82 J'Adore

X-posted in SN Sweet Dreams 1000 dpi

Note | Nudity Every time I’m just about to make the case that statistically — with hundreds of exceptions to every rule — women photographers truly do have a better sensitivity to the nuances of female sensuality, some guy photographer comes along and blows me out of the water. That’s my response to Karel Losenicky’s images of Andrea Stancu, an editorial called ÉROTIQUE for Kitten Magazine K82 J’Adore. Yes, they are perfectly retouched — a look I normally don’t favor. But these images have an arresting quality to them that is flawless — and I despise that word for images of women. You see how women are full of contradictions!!!(Karel Losenicky website); hair and makeup by GG Make-Up Anne