Mar Montoro by Leyla Ugarte in 'Lady Noir' | 3 Smart Sensuality Women 'On Message'

On Message | Mar Montoro by Leyla Ugarte in ‘Lady Noir’

Nothing makes me happier than when AOC can celebrate ‘real women’ who live Smart Sensuality lives. The pleasure was all mine to connect with Spain-based photographer Leyla Ugarte who wrote thanking me for being a “great source of information and inspiration” for her.

Working as a product and still life photographer and then a celebrity photographer, Leyla finds herself increasingly drawn to fashion photography and especially the realm of sensual women.

When Leyla suggested that her latest shoot “Lady Noir’ was perfect for AOC, I agreed. We have three Smart Sensuality women on the same wave length quite literally.

The 40s-inspired film noir shoot featuring Spain’s femme fatale radio director and on-air personality Mar Montoro is pure Smart Sensuality inspiration that will be shared with listeners of Spain’s 40 Principales, with 4 million listeners out of 50 million people in Spain.

Dedicated to radio for 20 years, Mar Montoro presents a daily program ‘La Mar de noches’ which is focused on sexual education for young people. Educating impressionable teens about human sexuality in an uncensored setting, Mar grounds her show in responsible, empathetic talk about sexy topics that matter. For personal pleasure Mar writes eroticia, making her my soul sister in spirit.

The two women thought carefully about the symbolism they wished to communicate in the shoot, deciding they wanted to broadcast a vision of female sexuality that would resonate and on their own terms. In coming to me as the editorial exclusive voice of ‘Lady Noir’, the triad is complete — an idea reinforced by an abundance of triangles in the images.

I’ll leave the remaining meaning of triad as foundation of modern civilization to your own intellectual horsepower. Other symbols include the unfired fireplace, an open door at the end of the corridor, the microphones — which are key to Smart Sensuality women broadcasting our own message — on female-friendly, guiltless terms. 

Leyla’s decision to place Mar Montoro on the parquet floor spider web is simply brilliant. We all know that the femme fatale will capture men, bringing them ultimate harm and ruin — that’s the psychological terror expressed even this morning in Kacper Kasprzyk’s ‘I Had a Dream Last Night” devouring hair women.

The truth is that Ella Fitzgerald was singing ‘Sophisticated Lady’ during Leyla Ugarte’s photo shoot, and it is appropriate because we are sophisticated, sensual, smart women. Ironically, I’m posting ‘Lady Noir’ at the same moment that Bro. Dennis-Anthony is defending his association and support of me. I told him it would take about five minutes for the ceiling to fall on his head, and I was right.

The person who can probably sell the most Easeamine product and build his brand is me, that tainted but brilliant sexy woman who is joining forces with women like Leyla Ugarte and Mar Montoro because we demand the right to tell our own stories ‘from fashion to flogging’. 

We hold our heads high — as I told a supportive and earnest on our side Bro. Dennis-Anthony just now — while we work to heal a patriarchal, war-ridden world that has sought to eradicate female sexuality and influence, except as appropriately defined by men. 

‘Lady Noir’ is one more rallying cry for Smart Sensuality ‘real women’ around the world.

I thank Leyla Ugarte and Mar Montoro in advance for including me in their ‘Lady Noir’ exposure strategy, because to have such a powerful radio personality and talented photographer in Europe now associated with AOC is a big lift for me this morning — when poor Bro. Dennis is trying to explain that Mary Magdalene was really a fine woman and trusted disciple of Jesus. It’s a mantle of truthful decadence I’ve worn before in life.

Sorry ladies and gentlemen, but submission to old patriarchal rules is not in AOC’s or Anne Enke’s vocabulary. Let the Mar Montoro by Leyla Ugarte Smart Sensuality radio broadcast begin. Anne

See credits at end of images. Leyla Ugarte website. Mar Montoro images are 1000 dpi wide without editorial on Sensuality News.

Model: Mar Montoro.

Makeup and hair: Lola Aragón.

Styling: Cristina Ureña and Álvaro Ruiz.

Atrezzo: María Ferrera Mena.

Retouching: Pepe Vázquez Jareño.

Art direction and photography: Leyla Ugarte.