Marilyn Minter | Making Waves: Modern Aphrodites #1-1

001-(Marilyn Minter-Chewing Pink 2008.jpg

Marilyn Minter | Chewing Gum 2008Marilyn Minter will be honored with the Guggenheim Museum’s first Artist-Educator Achievement Award “for her passionate commitment to nurturing the next generation of artists.

We are honoring Marilyn Minter in our own small way, using her art as inspiration for our new erotic writing project “Making Waves | Modern Aphrodites”, which will debut in January 2011.

The artist has created a body of work focused on the representations of femininity in popular American culture. In the last decade Marilyn Minter has produced original interpretations of “glamour gone awry”, an erotic obsession with glittery, mascara-laden lashes and muddy stilettos.

Especially in her images of lips gone wild, Marilyn Minter delves deeply into the ambivalence of American culture about female eroticism. Her female-friendly images express an eroticism suspended in the self-expression of most American women, capturing the reality that sensuality is fakely unnatural and uncomfortable to the majority of American women.

A quick look at the ‘Green Pink Caviar’ Show Trailer conveys the depth of Minter’s own ability to connect with natural eroticism and female physicality.

Marilyn Minter | “Green Pink Caviar”

Marilyn Minter is represented by Salon 94 in New York. All inquiries about purchasing Marilyn Minter’s work featured here can be made through her gallery. The artist is also a faculty member at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where she has mentored and inspired students in the Master of Fine Arts degree program.

These 32 images and any other Minter works that writers wish to submit to us will serve as Inspiration #1 | Making Waves : Modern Aphrodites. Details about the project will be released before Christmas, 2010.


Marilyn Minter | Amoeba 2008


Marilyn Minter | Vampire 2004


Marilyn Minter | Climber 2005


Marilyn Minter | Blow Job 2008Marilyn Minter | Snake Charmer 2009


Marilyn Minter | Rosary 2006Marilyn Minter | Wangechi-Gold-3 2009


Marilyn Minter | Unarmed 2007Marilyn Minter | Buuble Vision 2008


Marilyn Minter | Centerfold 2007


Marilyn Minter | Pink Eye 2005


Marilyn Minter | Serpent 2004Marilyn Minter | Mudbath 2006Marilyn Minter | Caviar 2009

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