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The Wellfleet Ten NYTimes

The Colony of Wellfleet is open late May to mid-September. The cottages (from $1,250 per week)are the anthesis of ‘la glamour’ living.

For visitors in search of lost time, the colony is most certainly a last redoubt. Sitting out on the deck behind your cottage in the cool, misty morning air, with coffee steaming at your elbow, the umbrella up over the glass table and the wind soughing in the pines, you can understand why so many poems, books and articles have been written here — or, at least, read. Everything here seems to suggest that there is a right way to do things. “I’ve held onto it,” Eleanor says. “Each cottage was so separate and private. Nobody was watching to see how you dressed, or whether you had shoes on or went barefoot. And you could read all day if you wanted, or go to the beach, or sail, or do anything. The marvelous freedom to walk out of that cottage and have somebody put it in order for you. It was my idea of perfect summer living.”


Manet’s ‘Lunch on the Grass’, 1863‘Manet, the Man Who Invented Modernity,’ Paris Exhibition NYTimes

Art Market Shakes Off the Blues with Christie’s Sizzling $301.6 Million Contemporary Sale

Emily Crane’s Edible Micro-Nutrient Couture Fashion AOC Style



NOOSPHERE from Tatiana Plakhova on Vimeo.

“Rather, evolution experiences jumps in complexity (such as the emergence of a self-reflective universe, or noosphere). The complexification of human cultures, particularly language, facilitated a quickening of evolution in which cultural evolution occurs more rapidly than biological evolution” via Complexity Graphics

America’s Own Clash of Civilizations

Drawing a Line in Lubna’s Sand, Saying ‘No More’ to the Growing, Global Erosion of Women’s Rights in the Name of Any Man’s Religion AOC Sexual Politics

Today women are swimming, covered head to toe in Alexandria, and Christian women are afraid to come out of their houses.

I ended last year’s digital journey to Ithaca on a glorious note, with video of a moving concert in Greece, as Odyssey sped towards a Mars landing.

There is so much inspiration, celebration, hope and sensuality in this video that pays tribute to the great civilizations of Egypt and Greece at a time when women’s rights were far better than now. (before monotheism)

It seems appropriate to post this video today, when Endeavor blasted off on NASA’s next-to-last shuttle flight. Recovering from her gun wounds to the brain, Gabrielle Giffords was in attendance —  in my America, which is becoming an armed fortress.

“Good stuff, good stuff,” Giffords was quoted as saying by her chief of staff as Endeavour took flight for the final time. Husband Mark Kelly, the shuttle’s skipper, had red tulips presented to her afterward. She wore his wedding ring on a silver chain while he carried hers with him.

Mythodea | NASA Mission Mars Odyssey 2001

Real Sci Fi

Foldable Device Screens, Coming Soon To Your Pocket Fast Company

Foldable computer displays have been the stuff of sci-fi legend for ages, and numerous device prototypes have been designed and tested…but almost none have made the journey into a real product. With any luck, that won’t be the case for a new OLED design from Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology—because it’s flexible enough to be folded in two like a sheet of paper, and resist the formation of picture-distorting creases for more than 100,000 re-folds.

This new screen could double the size of smartphone’s displays with a single fold. See also on Fast Company Verizon Exec on the Future of TV, When Your Tablet and Phone Feed an Ecosystem.

The Good Life

Is a Well-Lived Life Worth Anything? Harvard Business Review

In our post-economic financial meltdown world, thinkers are asking questions about the well-lived life and the concept of the greater good for society. This HBR article comes a day after Anne wrote:

A Capitalist Wo(man) Can Care About the Common Good & Wall Street Bull AOC Front Page

Edward Hicks ‘The Peaceable Kingdom’