Slow Living Morning Glory Indulgences| Sharon Core, Sasha Pivovarova

Being young and carefree — if only for a moment — is a prerequisite of Slow Living. Fashion Gone Rogue inspires us with a bit of Morning Beauty, Sasha Pivovarova photographed by Mario Testino. See more photos.

In Sash’a first photo, I immediately thought of Sharon Core’s plainly simple, but so very sensual photography.

See my Impressions post of this gorgeous, almost Puritanical photography, inspired by a reserved sensuality.

Sasha Pivovarova may be 25, but she enjoys being a girl.

Besides reminding me of riding in circles on a Parisian merry-go-round at 3am, toasting the starts with a glass of Veuve Clicquot on a cold winter’s night, Sasha inspired me dig up these pearly white Docs, over at Breathless.Magazine.

Not to be outdone, Sharon Core says “Excuse me, I can be crazy-reckless, too.”

Sharon Core’s cakes photo is compliments of the Nicolaysen Art Museum & Discovery Center in Casper, Wyoming. If you thought Casper is the last place to find Core cakes, you are wrong. If fact, the Nicolaysen museum is promoting two women artists in from January 22-April 11, 2010: “A Relative Condition: The Landscape Paintings of Karen Kitchel” and “The Spaces In Between” by Kate Petley.

I’m taking all these faux food experiences very seriously these days, (see our divine new soap discovery from Mea Culpa) convinced that if we nourish our senses with calorie-free treats, we’ll be healthier and looking more hour-glass shaped, which is the perfect figure compromise between health and sexy.

Hourglass shapes don’t make the current fashion industry happy, but medical researchers say “yes”. Anne

For a Long, healthy Life, Embrace an Hourglass Figure

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