Ralph Lauren 4-D Hologram Technology Will Be 'Life-Changing" for Human Civilization Promises David Lauren

The invite to RalphLauren.com’s 10th anniversary party tonight promises that partygoers will see Madison Avenue in a whole new light.

David Lauren, son of Ralph and Polo Ralph Lauren’s senior vice president of advertising, marketing, and corporate communications, describes the event “not just game-changing” but “life-changing”.

Tonight at 8 pm, two lanes of Madison Avenue will be shut down as the party moves outside, where the Ralph Lauren women’s flagship store will turn into fabric, swap, collapse and reappear before the walls retract and a virtual runway appears. “It’s like the movie Inception come to life,” David promises.

We can guarantee that everyone will be talking.

How’s it done? As he explains it: “Through architectural mapping, the building was digitized with lasers, mapped on a computer, re-rendered, and is then projected back onto the building.” His tech team worked with the wizards behind the Harry Potter movies to pull it off, and it’s not just happening in New York, but also at the store on New Bond Street in London. (The brand is eager to bring attention to its new U.K. e-commerce operation, as well as to celebrate a decade of innovation on RalphLauren.com.) via Style.com

Style.com makes the obvious comment. Imagine every store on the Avenue Montaigne in Paris or the Bund in Shanghai with similar technology. Cacophony yes. Will the dogs be barking? Probably.

“The holograms we’ve been seeing in movies for ages are finally real,” David says. “The designer will no longer just be in pages of ads, he’ll be leaning out the store window and answering questions.” That’s right, Wednesday night’s experience will include a four-story-high rendering of Ralph Lauren himself. In addition to the 8 p.m., there are also screenings at 8:30 and 9.

Will Ralph Lauren in Paris get the same digital facelift? It’s doubtful, given the French insistance on preservation and sensory continuity. But Shanghai? There goes the neighborhood.

In our ongoing discussion of Traditional, Modern and Cultural Creative values, this one is Modern to its soul. We’re not clear if the technology is a permanent fixture on Madison Avenue, or it comes out for special occasions. Stay tuned and welcome to 21st century marketing.

OMG, just imagine the Victoria’s Secret fashion show going 4-D on Broadway and 34th St on the day of the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade.

I must check what happens to our human brains with long-term exposure to 4-D experience. Probably, we become total consumer putty once and for all. The technology has been used in art experiences with amazing impacts. Anne