Indy Spirit Creatives Act Like Print Media & Ad Agency Pros

This gathering of the young and dazzling in New York’s Apotheke looks like a fashion shoot. Photographed by Kirt Reynolds, it’s models all around as Matt Brewer, Roberto Jordan, Christopher Wendel and Ford Smith flirt ferociously with Major’s Alicia Hall. We have stylist Geraldine Laiz and clothes provided by Malan Breton and Simon Spurr.

What’s missing in this traditional style message? The magazine; the print medium; backstage at the runway designer show.

The Fashionisto blog is the target distination, knowing that the photos will go viral. This trend disperses the power of old editors and emboldens new ones. Is a payout involved? Who knows and who cares? Just food for thought.

Clearly the digital revolution is creating new business synergies for indy artists, small talents, hotels and restaurants. Consider the amount of product placement woven into “Mad Men”. Fresh creatives are popping up everywhere in curated, upscale Internet locations, as hungry artists take career development into their own hands, forging artistic alliances with places and venues.

We like what we’re seeing. Could this movement impact the future of the ad agency? More images at Fashionisto.